Break The Silence

Microphone for public speaking

It’s been a great few days and Morris Manitoba has opened their hearts for us. The Stampede Association, the Ag Society and the Canadian Pro Rodeo Association have worked together to make us welcome. My girls are both breakaway ropers and both have barrel raced in rodeos and gymkhanas. I admire the rodeo community for their heart and sportsmanship. Cowboys share rides, horses, tack and the desire to win. They want to win, but not at any cost, they want to be the best in a true fair competition.

My military family is a lot like the rodeo community… We’re all in it together and we’ll never leave a comrade to find his way alone because it’s better if we all work for a common end to improve the whole.

Cowbosys in the forest

A cool thing happened here in Morris… Back in Saskatchewan we were generously allowed the use of a nice little Canadian mare for the ride. Pepsi isn’t going to be one of those horses that embraces this ride and she’s going to have to go back to her home.   This presents a problem for us because we’re heading east and we can’t spare a truck or driver to make the trip 24 hour round trip. Yesterday I was sitting on the bleachers that overlook the team penning arena for a bit of peace and trying to think of a way to get a horse a full day in the wrong direction. The penners had a break in their program and were sitting on horses visiting and I watched them for a bit. I don’t like not being able to solve my own problems… but this was bigger than me.

I asked to borrow their microphone… I introduced myself, the cross canadian horse ride, and presented my dilemma. Within minutes I had three offers of help… “Leave it with us for a few. We’ll come up with something for you.” These people have never met me, my team or my horses but we’ve been welcomed like family and they have made my problem their own. I learned something today. I was just another guy in a cowboy hat sitting on a bleacher at the rodeo until I asked for help. My problem was mine until I spoke up and shared it. And then it wasn’t a problem at all. There’s a lesson in that.