Last Steps Today Lead Into The The Beginning of Tomorrow

Brown and white horses

We’re coming into our last week of the Ride Across Canada and what a ride it’s been. Eight months away from home and just over 6000 km in the saddle has seen us connect with communities right across our country. I set a goal to include our contemporary veterans on this ride with me and to create discussion in their communities. I had no idea of how far we would reach or how many lives we would touch. Three hundred and thirty five veterans have completed Terry’s program and joined me on the trail with our horses.

Thousands of others have met us on the road and rallied around us in support of the ride. We have met and exceeded our goal and we have spoken with tens of thousands of Canadians. We have created community and we have shed tears and shared hugs. We have seen hard exteriors melt and have witnessed rooms go quiet. We have helped the Canadian people lift their heads and really notice the veterans living among them and see them with new eyes. I have confirmed what I have always know to be the truth. As soldiers we are people who have a desire to serve and that desire does not diminish when we choose to transition out of the military. Through The Ride Across Canada we have witnessed community embrace their veterans and we have watched our veterans step forward with new energy and their heads held high eager to contribute.

Horse riding before sunset

By reintroducing the Canadian people to their contemporary veterans we have also created bridges for the ones that are struggling as a result of their service. The terrible symptoms that can accompany post traumatic stress or operational stress injury can hunt us and haunt us. When we live in isolation, we are forced to face the demons alone. With my crew and my horses we have created discussion. We are still creating awareness and I feel the quiet peace and the warming pride of a hard job well done. St. John’s Newfoundland is a few days away. When we stepped off from Victoria last April the Honourable Judith Guichon, Lt Governor of British Columbia, hosted our send off from the steps of the provincial legislature. We are wrapping the Ride Across Canada up with on the Atlantic coast at a reception to be hosted by His Honour Frank F. Fagan Lt. Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador. We are gathering on November 9th at the Mount Pearl Legion at noon and making our way to the Newfoundland National Memorial in St. John’s for 14h00. Please join us as we take our last steps on The Ride Across Canada.